Poetry: Ron Peat

Poetry: Francine Dvoracek




Oh Knight of Night Dim
what a long time we have been
playing the play cast by ourselves in
the illusion of love -
fighting battles with paper mache dragons
built from the past
of which we have no remembrance ...

Fair maiden saved from confusion’s rumbling train
by the hero that did not believe in heroes -
and transformed into heroine and he
the sensitive plant on which she trod.
For all the world to hail!
This chameleon romance -
Fair weather sugar melted by dragon’s tears -
the unreal and therefore the unslain.

Still, I part with affection -
illusion made real by time captured
by the photograph of flesh and memory -
Letting go of the contest the real bravery -
the winds of peace our own imperfections
from which we have run so fast, so hard,
as to forbid a fair adieu.