Poetry: Ron Peat

Poetry: Francine Dvoracek




I am watching
dying songbirds
a continent of people
erased by bullets
so tiny that only
microscopes and God
can see them.

I am watching
children beg and
fishermen lie idle
by our oceans once
the source of our nurturance.

I am watching
the breast of some mother
rot and be cut off
sometimes with fancy scalpels
- oh he uses laser-
like this will make us feel better.

I am watching
you tell me
titillating tales about how he
is bad because he
slept with some poor
subordinate as though this
groupie had no choice.

I am watching
men tee hee and women tsk
like this wipes out every
other action from this mans
repertoir of life dances.

And I am watching
for the ark that
will save us when
the earth begins to cry,
and once again we
forgot to learn what
the story meant.